May 25, 2015

Since about two and a half months ago, I’ve been working on Project life and other creative projects in the tiniest of spaces. Before the upstairs renovation began, each day was a challenge in finding a space for furniture and... Read More


We’re entering the 3rd week of this project. A much smaller project than the kitchen but good enough to give us a real taste of what that is going to be like. We’ve been doing well taking turns to leave the house on errands, work appointments, gym and look forward to Sunday when we can go places together. We have been told it might take another 3 weeks. If you were to walk through the site, you would not imagine that in 3 weeks you will see a finished outcome.

So what is involved?... Read More


33/52~the last three weeks

Weeks have passed and I haven’t written a jot. Not here, nor in my journal. The worst place to be busy is in your head! It’s been the sound of jackhammers in my home from 9am-6pm (yup, the renovation has indeed begun) and right now in my writing room, where I’d expected a little... Read More

IMG_7487 - Version 2

32/52~dear jatomi fitness

Dear Jatomi Fitness,

Re: Look what you’ve done to me!

I promised myself that I’d write you a letter on the first anniversary of my gym membership. I know most people write letters when they’re unhappy about something but I just wanted to write a note to share about... Read More


31/52~ Under the same blue sky

In different parts of the world but under the same sky. I miss them.

... Read More



I went around the house taking some shots of life as it is. If I were to only post photos, there are quite a few things you’d be able to guess about the people who live here. Interesting that stuff can tell stories about people. Perhaps long after we’re gone, which is probably how we know... Read More


29/52~ hello Sunday

We get into these routines.

Last night, Philip asked me what I wanted to do today. I said’ “no plans.” He said, “I want to vacuum the car.” A string of to dos rattled through my head; early morning exercise, clearing my desk, paying bills, laundry, ironing…

What... Read More


28/52- it goes quickly

I-Mei asked if I had any thoughts today. I guessed she meant any thoughts about my mum. It’s been a year since she left us. My first response was, “People die and life goes on.”

She said, “That’s the hard truth.”

A year. Wow! It goes quickly.

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27/52- coffee and light

Because I am inspired by words, I am often moved to write something while I am reading. The thing is, it is rare that I’d be reading while I’m sitting at my desk. Or in a place where it would be convenient for me to stop reading and write anything down. Today I was reading the winter issue... Read More


26/52-lost & found

I took off my rings, one of them my wedding ring, and placed them on my lap to apply sunblock to my arms. We were happily chatting in the car then I got off to buy something. Two days before Chinese New Year, crowds everywhere, last minute errands, spirits high and anticipation to have the family... Read More


25/52- changing it up

Some Sundays are for lazing, some for catching up with housework. Some days you drag yourself around and some days you’re super inspired. Around here we used to have a thing called ‘off days’. When the kids were growing up we would have family meetings, time maps and off days. An... Read More


24/52- A hundred teacups


I decided to take a sort of an inventory of my vintage china collection as a prelude to packing up all the things in the kitchen before we start remodelling. I surveyed the contents of the two mid century teak cabinets in the dining area and another one which houses the very special... Read More


23/53-There are no ordinary moments

We came back to the house last Thursday. The plan was to stay at the apartment for a stretch. Two or three weeks. But life happens. One of the dogs got himself hurt and we had to be around to dress his wound. When I was moving things over for the long stay I told Ming and he said. “Enjoy! There... Read More


22/52-Eat Cake!

After working out with a trainer  for a good part of the last ten months, I am almost, almost, at the weight I had targeted to reach for Ming’s wedding. Almost two months after the fact, yes, but hey, better late than never, right?Once again, I am singing praises of the fit life. Even though... Read More


21/52- The story of a wedding

We walked into the ballroom, which was where ‘church’ service would take place that morning, and the minute Ming saw us his eyes filled with tears. Which made for a very sad looking groom in the before the wedding pictures. I’m guessing he was overwhelmed with joy and the enormity... Read More


20/52~ Goodbye & Hello

Two more hours of 2014. Like the night before an exam, if you haven’t done all the cramming you could manage, it’s too late now. Time now to reflect on what may possibly have been one of the hardest years. My mama’s passing opened up a whole basement of skeletons and ghosts that... Read More