February 14, 2015

We came back to the house last Thursday. The plan was to stay at the apartment for a stretch. Two or three weeks. But life happens. One of the dogs got himself hurt and we had to be around to dress his wound. When I was moving things over for the long stay I told Ming and he said. “Enjoy! There are no ordinary moments.” I mentioned before that words have the power to move me. These words did.


I did savour every small bit of staying at the apartment. Waking up and seeing the ocean from my bed. Watching the fishermen go out. Philip preparing his fishing gear and then going to try it out. Watching a movie while ironing. Moving the little desk into the bedroom so I could think while the others were watching tv. Doing laundry. Everyday. With the grand, new washer/dryer. Going out.


Coming back.


We came back here and I thought I might sulk for a while. I unpacked and found myself noticing every little thing. How things in my room were placed that made it practical and functional and comfortable for us. Favourite things grouped together. Colour and light and familiarity. The same drawers holding the same things they’ve held for as long as I remember. And even though I could not see the ocean lying down, I could certainly see gentle waves lapping on the beach if I sat up. In the kitchen, I put things away, planning to cook that weekend, making a list and dreaming about how the new kitchen would look. How it would feel.


I was telling my friend, Bibi about the kitchen plans being submitted and we started talking about houses and growing up and it made me think of so many ordinary moments that just don’t seem ordinary at all, remembering them now. Like being 8 and going to see Queen Elizabeth and Princess Anne officiating the opening of the park that was near our home in Sabah. Or riding our bicycles on the edge of the water, where the sand is wet but compact and hard and as the wheels turned a white spray of water followed us. Sometimes we forget to pay attention. And we miss out. Sometimes we look for the flaws and overlook the extraordinary. And we miss the chance to see light.



And colour.

I’m checking myself so I don’t miss anything because there are no ordinary moments.


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