February 15, 2015


I decided to take a sort of an inventory of my vintage china collection as a prelude to packing up all the things in the kitchen before we start remodelling. I surveyed the contents of the two mid century teak cabinets in the dining area and another one which houses the very special pieces, a little way off the kitchen, and picked out a couple of pieces to use in the coming days. I hardly ever talk about teacups on my blog but drinking tea in these beautiful treasures has become a daily ritual since a little over two years ago. In the beginning I told Philip that I’d like to collect some vintage teacups and we agreed that I would have a collection of up to a hundred teacups. I thought at the time that a hundred teacups was a crazy amount but was happy with that idea.


Because I want to keep my collection manageable I started selling some pieces along the way, at my craft shop and online, that I way I get to try them out and my collection stays fresh. And it prevents my home from looking like a tea shop. Although people always comment on how many tea cups there are around. Funny how when we’re little we play with tiny tea sets and when we get older the fascination continues.

I don’t know exactly how many sets I have but surely they amount to more than a hundred. (Grin)


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