February 15, 2015

Some Sundays are for lazing, some for catching up with housework. Some days you drag yourself around and some days you’re super inspired. Around here we used to have a thing called ‘off days’. When the kids were growing up we would have family meetings, time maps and off days. An off day in our house meant that one parent would be completely free of any responsibilities and be totally at liberty to do anything he or she liked. Ah, freedom!

We would allocate our off days and make long lists of things we’d like to do. Ok, so that’s me and Philip would either camp out in front of the TV or in the garden. The other parent would have the job of taking the kids out and feeding them and generally keep them out of the way. The days of time maps and menu plans are long gone. Sarah is almost ready for her third year at University and we’ve all but forgotten about off days.

But it appears to have been revived and today kicks off the new chapter of do anything you want days. With the children grown and self sufficient the new off day means that both parents get to do whatever they each want, but separately. So while it’s officially Philip’s off day and he most surely is happily camping out in front of the TV, I’m enjoying some solitude as I catch up on various things including rearranging the living room, something I used to do a lot but not so much anymore. There are still a few more hours to this evening and of course I won’t be able to get through everything on my list but I intend to make the best of this very special ‘free’ time.

Happy Sunday, people!

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