February 22, 2015

I took off my rings, one of them my wedding ring, and placed them on my lap to apply sunblock to my arms. We were happily chatting in the car then I got off to buy something. Two days before Chinese New Year, crowds everywhere, last minute errands, spirits high and anticipation to have the family home was mounting. Bought the thing and dashed home to prepare the guest room and a final round of spring cleaning.

I get home and realise suddenly, “my rings!!” After a brief and frantic search in the car I came up with nothing.

Philip says he saw the guard at Paragon pick something up.


But he’s the sort that never gives up, never loses hope so he jumps in the car and sprints back to the mall, locates the said guard, who thankfully was still there and approaches him. The man is Nepalese, mid fifties, medium height and build and my husband hopes that he is as honest as his deep set brown eyes suggest. The exchange was swift.

“Did you see a ring? two rings? They’re my wife’s…”

Nepalese guy dips his fingers into his shirt pocket,retrieving the lost treasure, “Yes sir, here sir, this one sir!”

He hands over his find without regret and refuses the reward that was being pressed into his fair and work worn hands. “No sir, I don’t want sir.” My husband tells him that he wants him to have it and he finally  agrees.

Who would have thought? What are the chances of recovering not one but two rings that rolled a distance onto the side of the driveway in a crowded mall? And how heartwarming that in this day where the lines of integrity and honesty have been blurred you meet a stranger from a faraway place that totally believes in the love of good. May he be blessed a hundred fold.


2 Responses to “26/52-lost & found”

  1. Trina Bomm says:

    How fortunate for you, Sheila, to find such an honest man. We attach so much sentiment to things…

    I had to make some hard decisions recently when we were preparing for the fires near our home. We had to be packed and ready to go at a moments notice. What to take…? I had to put sentiment to one side and pack with my head and not my heart. It was a difficult time.

  2. sheila says:

    My heart goes out to you, Trina. I’m guessing you didn’t have to leave after all and that all is well. I hope the whole scary episode didn’t shake you up too much although I’m sure there were incredible lessons learnt. Stay well. If you ever feel up to it, please consider writing a guest post here to share your story. Love to you and Kate and all<3


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