March 2, 2015

Because I am inspired by words, I am often moved to write something while I am reading. The thing is, it is rare that I’d be reading while I’m sitting at my desk. Or in a place where it would be convenient for me to stop reading and write anything down. Today I was reading the winter issue of kinfolk and two articles were especially interesting to me.The first was about people in Naples paying for two cups of coffee in one of the many espresso bars and suspending the second cup. They enjoy their first cup and leave the second, “caffe sospeso, a suspended coffee that remains in limbo as a pending order waiting to be claimed by other coffee drinkers who may not be able to afford a cup of their own. Anyone may inquire if there is a caffe sospeso at the bar and receive a suspended drink.” What a simple and delightful idea! This got me to thinking of various ways we might do some manner of service for a person we do not know.

The other article that grabbed me was a lot lengthier and heavy with fact but the gist of it was the importance of light . Apparently we were made to wake up and sleep with the light and science has revealed that many modern day ailments and maladies can be solved if we went back to this way of living. I am oversimplifying this great piece and I recommend you read this for yourself but what I got from this is that light affects our whole makeup. Now, as I sit under a contraption that emits steam to my dreary tresses after being coloured , tapping on my I pad with two fingers, I am noticing that the sun is still shining outside and that soon, maybe in a half hour or so the trees and the old houses outside will be washed in a pinky gold glow before the sun dips out of view marking the end of Sunday and the end of another week and at the same time reminding me that I love this time of day. Would I feel different if there was not a window next to me? Would my spirit rise or fall if I were sitting doing this same treatment in a salon I’m in some stuffy mall with compact fluorescent lights overhead? Would I be as eager to make a list of small changes to my lifestyle?


Perhaps I should suspend the questions and just enjoy the remaining light. And think about Sarah on her first night back in Adelaide, already having had dinner and preparing for her first day back at uni. And the people who go for weeks or months without sunrise and sunset? Oh the things we take for granted. People are inventing something that will bring the whole spectrum and light waves of a spectacular sunset or sunrise  to our homes at the turn of a dimmer switch. If choice is limited, that could be the way of the future to get the amount of light one needs for health and well being. For us here who complain about increasingly hot days and the heat of the sun, count your blessings and maybe this week, we might try to wake up with the light of the beaming sun and take a leisurely walk with the doggies before work begins. You will not only reap the benefits of the vitamin D your body might be starving for but the dogs will be happy too and maybe a really good night’s sleep awaits.

If you are an early riser, I’d love for you to share what you love about waking early. Have a lovely light filled week everyone.


( read the full article ‘the meaning of light’ by Georgia Frances King in the Winter issue of Kinfolk magazine. or get a copy at

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