March 8, 2015

We get into these routines.

Last night, Philip asked me what I wanted to do today. I said’ “no plans.” He said, “I want to vacuum the car.” A string of to dos rattled through my head; early morning exercise, clearing my desk, paying bills, laundry, ironing…

What really happened was that we slept in a bit, had a leisurely breakfast then he headed out to the vacuuming and I puttered downstairs and ended up here at my computer. And thinking of this quote from Mary Oliver’s poem The Summer Day.

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

While the laundry and the ironing need to get done, maybe a little adventure is called for, at least now an then or at least some time spent on creative pursuits. Now I’m reminded of primary school essays on Monday mornings documenting our weekends. (smile)


Surely what you take out is what you put in, and surely that applies to Sundays. Ok, I’m off, maybe a nice lunch and maybe I’ll play with my scrapbooking stuff. And maybe I’ll come back here and report.

Happy Sunday!


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