March 17, 2015

I went around the house taking some shots of life as it is. If I were to only post photos, there are quite a few things you’d be able to guess about the people who live here. Interesting that stuff can tell stories about people. Perhaps long after we’re gone, which is probably how we know a lot about people who lived a hundred years ago, apart from stories being handed down. Did you ever have an oral English exam in school where a teacher would show you a picture of a scene and you’d have to make up a story or some sentences based on the picture?


I’ve passed the halfway mark in my 52 week project. When I’ve paid attention, I’ve learnt an amazing amount about myself, worked through some issues, self corrected on a few counts and realised that I’ve made a few dumb decisions. Besides the learning and observing it has been a lot about telling the stories.


Just after I took these photos, two of Philip’s aunts visited. As they explored our home for the first time they made occasional comments, told us what they liked, remarked on this and that. We sat in the living room and caught up and we wandered a bit outside before it got dark. I wonder if being here told them more about us than they already knew?


I took the photos because today everything in the living room and two upstairs rooms were packed or wrapped and moved either to the guest room or pushed out of the way. Today the house looks nothing like it did yesterday. I wanted to remember what currently is the story of our lives.


How we got along in the tiny kitchen with things cramming the counters and how it wasn’t too bad, really.



We received news today that our plans have been approved. That means the kitchen is going to need to be packed up soon. New stories to tell there, and even more new stories in the months to come. Philip’s aunts told lots of stories. Interesting that by sharing we become part of each other’s history.




Do these stories even matter?



I’d say they certainly do. I might even dare say that the everyday stories that we tell are key to keeping people connected.

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