March 24, 2015

Dear Jatomi Fitness,

Re: Look what you’ve done to me!

I promised myself that I’d write you a letter on the first anniversary of my gym membership. I know most people write letters when they’re unhappy about something but I just wanted to write a note to share about my journey to fitness this past year, which began when my husband and I walked in through your door and bought a membership from a young, fit and good looking guy called Matt. Congratulations on hiring front line personnel that look the part! And who know their product. But that wasn’t the only thing that helped us to commit. It was quite late in the evening so it wasn’t the view of the ocean or the light streaming in through the picture windows but there was a good vibe going on. The set up, the colour scheme the rows and rows of machines (seriously!) , the open space and the people, both the members and staff, on first impression, it seemed that this was a good place to be. A good place to make something happen for me. There was hope and positive energy for this 5’4”, 69kg, 50 something auntie. (They call us aunties in this town!)

Matt was smooth and convinced me to sign up for a personal training program, explaining about the trainers and reassuring me that he would pick one of the best level 3 trainers considering my goals and underlying health issues. There was quite an impressive line up judging from the framed bio data on the wall. I’ve had some experience with personal trainers in the past and have never renewed a PT program more that twice with the same person for various reasons. Usually they listen and nod and then proceed to hard train which usually results in a medical situation and months off from gym. He walked away to discuss the rates with someone and even though it was a lot of money, I signed on the dotted line. (sweat)

The next thing he did was go away again and when he came back he introduced me to my new trainer, Zul.  I wasn’t entirely sure about this tanned, muscle guy with his half grin, part serious and part ‘eksi’ demeanour. We talked about my goals and arranged to start training the following Saturday.

I showed up on Saturday in loose long gym pants and a loose t-shirt. I’m sure I didn’t hide the excess weight very well but that’s why I was there. In the year that followed I trained three times a week unceasingly, unless I was away, or in hospital or if our training fell on Hari Raya or Christmas. I have come to respect my trainer for the care in which he has designed my program and for his patience and knowledge. In the early days I’d come home , sore and would just need to rest but lately when I get home, I consider doing a little more cardio or work on my abs a little longer, so much so that I’ve set up a makeshift  gym at home. I have so much energy now, it’s scary.

Over the past year I have observed Jatomi trainers working with people in the club and I am impressed. I have worked out with people so determined and have seen such remarkable results in those who have persisted. I have seen how each trainer sincerely respects their manager. How the front line staff are always cheerful and helpful. And after a year I am still convinced that this is a good place to be.

What you’ve done to me, Jatomi, is this. You’ve helped me to become a person that perseveres rather than gives up. You’ve provided me with an excellent trainer who has helped me to reshape my body and my life.(Zul, I owe you big time.) Where there were always aches and pains a year ago, there are hardly any now, not from illness and not even so much from the weights. I know I have a long way to go, I have lost only a little more than 4kg in a whole year, which isn’t a lot for a normal person’s standards but I’m totally happy with the slow and steady approach. I am totally happy with having to buy new clothes and the fact that I don’t have to wear loose t shirts to workout anymore. I am totally happy with feeling healthier and being stronger.

Which leaves me with not much else to say, except thank you!  To you and Matt and Zul and your team. Oh, and one more thing, keep it going.


Most sincerely





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