April 16, 2015

Weeks have passed and I haven’t written a jot. Not here, nor in my journal. The worst place to be busy is in your head! It’s been the sound of jackhammers in my home from 9am-6pm (yup, the renovation has indeed begun) and right now in my writing room, where I’d expected a little calm and quiet, I hear jackhammers out on the street. I think they’re upgrading telecommunication cables or making provision for faster internet. Which we need. Just not now.

Since I’m here I might as well list some highlights of the past 3 weeks and some stuff I’ve been thinking about. Just to get words flowing again, and maybe to clear up some mental clutter.

~ I’ve been reading this book


and it came at no better time than right about when we started to pack up the rooms that were about to be remodelled. Oh yeah, we have a lot of stuff! But more than that, it is about the culture of materialism and a ‘throw away’ mentality, which interestingly enough was manufactured as a solution to overproduction. “Get the people to buy more, get the people to want it, make products that don’t last.” Well thanks to the original Mad Men, humans have ‘evolved’ into a materialistic lot and, maybe because people (I believe), have a self correct button, more and more people are effecting considerable change in their lives with regards to reversing this way of life. This is a pretty compelling read one that quite possibly will keep you up late thinking about it and having you regret the next day when you have to show up at the gym.

~we went on a road trip


which involved sitting in a car for a total of 14 hours, visiting people which included two doctors, a sister and a daughter,







too many chocolate eclairs at Paul, too many bowls of mee siam and mee rebus and too many packets of nasi lemak which were all so worth it.



driving around and looking at houses. (It’s a thing we do)



Dress shopping!



and it involved witnessing the funeral of Lee Kuan Yew. I was happy and proud to be alongside fellow Singaporeans to bid farewell with gratitude and respect to the only Prime Minister I knew growing up in Singapore.  It rained hard that memorable Sunday and we watched the whole event for four hours, first on huge tv screens along Orchard Road then in the comfort of our hotel room.



~And the best part of all, coming home.



Even if it was coming home to madness and packing and jack hammers and struggling to get back into a normal routine. Or as normal as possible with half our home packed and pushed into half a living room. There was a toss up as to whether the treadmill should be wrapped and stored for 3 or 4 months or housed in our bedroom. It now stands in our room (smile),missing the spot where it used to be, I’m sure.


A spot which is now an empty space with endless possibilities. Or at least it was yesterday.



We continue to plan the main event, which is the kitchen and hopefully that will come about soon.


And maybe it’ll look a little like this.


(photo credit: pinterest)

Until then, this is the new normal. Jack hammers are still pounding outside and in eight hours the indoor pounding will resume. I’m thinking of moving my desktop to the den downstairs so I can catch up in between supervising a dozen workmen. And at the same try to focus on an undetermined time ahead, when all this will be over and everything is back in it’s place, dust free, fully functional and pretty. Oh, yes please!  And you can be sure I will be ever so happy to tell you about it here.


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