May 27, 2015


I wanted to share some images and thoughts from last week. Everything was cleaned up for the floor grinding and polishing,at that point it looked like we were almost done. Of course the madness resumed the very next day, but the bare floors and empty space was a welcome sight. Five weeks into the renovation with an estimated one and a half weeks to go! We were expecting to be done at the end of last week but a week and a half delay is probably reasonable.


This house is about a dozen years old. I think ten years is about when you have to start replacing appliances and refreshing rooms and even though this house was empty for many years, or maybe because of that, it aged faster. We were especially pleased to get the semi glossy stain off the teak hardwood floors. These will end up a natural matt finish. All the doors have been prepared to be painted white from the original dark brown stain. The walls have been painted grey and warm off white. In the past I used to like feature walls and colour on walls but my taste has evolved to this. Neutrals with colour from smaller accents. I have had a lot of walls painted in many different shades of grey. Grey is a tricky colour and is essentially black and white with a dash of blue or red. Some greys look purplish when the paint has dried and some look very blue, which makes the room feel cold and unwelcoming. The grey,  we used is from Murobond in a colour called mink. It comes in varying intensities from 50% to 150%. This one below is 50% (it looks a little blue with this picture) and is lovely and warm in natural and artificial light and yet it isn’t heavy.


As with photography I am a believer in the power and importance of lighting. Because the pantry is between the craft room and the bathroom, and is tiny, it was potentially a dark gloomy space. To open it up and to let light in from the craft room windows we let the wall stop short about a foot or so from the ceiling and added a wooden trellis above which creates interest as well. To further harness light, we added a vintage looking door with beveled glass panels. This works well as this space will be used for crafting and exercise and doesn’t require a lot of privacy. We are also adding Led downlights and under shelf task lighting to make working in here more pleasant and to avoid shadows.


Did I mention that the pantry is tiny? We learned a lot from this exercise, paying attention to details like shelf height and drawer depth. The people you work with will always give you the minimum and it is up to you to assess your needs and convey them to the carpenters. If you’re storing vintage china, you won’t be needing shelves that are a foot tall. Another thing to note, whether you are rebuilding a tiny or large kitchen or bathroom, the process is the same and it will take time to work through all the elements. We took five weeks to get to this stage, which I have to admit is pretty quick, especially in this country.

It gets really exciting from here.

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