June 17, 2015


I have been having trouble with the new version of i photo. It’s just called ‘photos’ and is difficult to use. Especially where I used to be able to just drag and drop my images into wordpress, now I have to place the image in a folder or on my desktop and select from a drop down menu. Yay, progress!


I meant to do a post on the completed renovation, but even though the last worker left two weeks ago, we are far from ready. The only space that looks somewhat done is the crafting nook. This room is divided into two,  with two very different uses. What you see here is what I call my scrap desk. An old desk crafted out of Burmeses teak. It is probably too small for it’s purpose but I am used to it and continue to use it quite happily. I aimed to bring in only the things that I would really need and things I use regularly. To the right side of my chair, I placed a long Ikea Expedit shelving unit, and further down,(not in view) sits a smaller version from the same range. Eventually I intend to install purpose built cabinets, which will look more streamlined and make the space prettier and less cluttered but as in many remodelling instances, I am loathe to discard perfectly good furniture. To the left of my chair is an Ikea Alex drawer unit on wheels. Another identical unit sits next to the treadmill on the opposite side of this small room.

What I love in this space is the light streaming in and the view of the back garden from where I sit. After this photo was taken  there have been some changes. The desk has been moved to accommodate additional shelving, a large notice board was added and blinds to the windows. It is getting increasingly crowded and I think it is time to stop bringing more things in. Much of the stuff that used to be in my crafting room is now in the den, which is still piled with boxes from the book shelves and things from Sarah’s room which she will sort and unpack herself.

It is a lot harder to unpack and place items than to pack. Unpacking takes a lot more thought and while I’d like everything to be organised quickly, I’m going to do this slowly.

The little pantry is bringing me much joy. Joy which will surely increase this afternoon when the fridge arrives.

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