September 26, 2014

While planning for our kitchen re do, there was a lot of thinking to do. A lot of questions that needed to be asked and answered. The existing kitchen is entirely too small and lacks storage. On two walls there are doors that lead to the wet kitchen and dining room respectively, another wall is fitted entirely with windows and on the last wall, french doors open to a small courtyard. What works is that the kitchen is light filled and the access to the courtyard brings the outside in and is pleasing to look at. I often sit at the small counter, on a high barstool looking over the courtyard which is paved with terracotta tiles, in the middle of which sits a very old, oval oriental tub. The potential for more space is certainly there but we will keep the little courtyard, for the light it provides and for the fact that it is the heart of the house. All the upstairs windows and corridors open out to it and fresh air is pulled into it and subsequently refreshes the kitchen.

In the end we decided to extend the kitchen towards the back by about eight feet, maybe ten. When that is accomplished the kitchen will be divided into two sections and the new area will be the cooking and food preparation area as well as the baking area and also lead out to the side garden. We had a similar layout in our previous kitchen where the kitchen was broken into task appropriate sections and yet working as a cohesive whole and it worked very well with different people being able to do different tasks without being on top of each other. Having two sinks was another practical luxury that we tried out and that worked very well previously.

Living here for a year has given us the time to test everything out and we are finally ready to work on our ‘dream kitchen.” What then constitutes a dream kitchen , or a dream home? I suppose different things to different people, which in the end is the key to building a home. The needs of the people living there. In my case, storage is the ultimate factor. Function. And aesthetic.


Our existing kitchen fails miserably in the way of storage and we’ve thought of ways to improve on that which includes closing up some windows, installing top hung storage in their space and leaving just two windows above the sink, adding a ledge on the stretch where the sink is, relocating the oven to the other section and changing all the two door cupboards to drawers for easy access and added space.


photo of kitchen ledge/ window sill via pinterest

Outside the kitchen window is a a small side garden and then a high wall and we intend to use that wall with a stepped flower box idea to create a vertical green space while still leaving space on the ground for utility, things like feeding the dogs and hanging laundry.


photo credit~

Its an exciting time at our house. We are still working on plans for the second section of the kitchen , the maid area and the laundry as well as storage for cleaning items . In many new homes these areas are neglected which doesn’t make sense to me since we spend a huge amount of our time tending to cleaning and laundry and it makes a lot of sense to have a system that will simplify the process.

Of course with this major task, work at the apartment has taken less of a priority. There is lots more to share with this project and as I go along I will document the details here. I expect I will learn a lot from the experience.





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