July 19, 2011

It’s been a busy weekend. Lots of new people came by the store , I-mei is back for a visit after a 7 month trek through Europe & the UK and a surprise visit by some old time friends and, sadly by the time I got home each day, even with a ‘I want to make something’ enthusiasm, it just did not happen. Happily though I have something creative to share.
Sarah’s been working in the store on her summer break and she made some awesome atcs. You can recognize her unique collage-y style, always heavily distressed and with vibrant colours and mixed collections.

We loved these too much, we coaxed her into designing our next monthly mini accordion kit, so expect to see that at smidapaper soon. Sarah’s style is bold, quirky and very lively, much like the way she plays the piano or the guitar. I can’t wait to show you the mini kit but it’ll take a day or so more to complete.

Monday brings with it planning, sorting of paperwork to be done and other assorted desk tasks. Oh I must tell you about our family’s love of desks . Each of our desks is so much more than, well, a desk. It is more of a space, a destination of sorts. As in, ‘where are you, ma?’, to which I might reply ‘at my desk’, which means all the things associated with being at my desk. This includes dreaming, haha, writing, paying bills, planning, accounts and more and then there’s the other creative desk…which, sadly I don’t visit often enough, but is always a delightful place to be. Lately, the ‘creative desk’ is anywhere I can set up a corner to create. You take what you can get, eh?
Wishing you all lots of smiles !


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