July 24, 2011

Happy Sunday crafters & artists. After a busy Saturday, it was a toss up between bath & bed or scrap time. Scrap time won. Yay! I dug out materials and photos to continue with Sarah’s baby book. No kidding, the girl is 18 and I’m at Day 1. Actually , I did start and looking back I must say the layouts looked rather dismal. Heh. So I’m carefully peeling off the photos and starting over. Good thing , in the original book I only got to about week 2. I figure I’ll do the first month in great detail and then skim through the months and moments. One has to concentrate really hard to remember the events and the little things that happened all those years ago… what music was playing when I was bathing her, the blue on one side, pink on the other rubber mat. So many little things that would slip away if not recorded. If you’re just having a baby now, or just had one, I can tell you in hindsight, these things matter to baby or will, for sure when she grows up. While I was doing this, Sarah and Philip were happily revisiting all the moments that were documented .
What a happy thing.

I’m not sure how this ended up blue. I also noticed that a lot of my layouts are based on this simple grid style. A little departure from the vintage obsession but a couple of buttons & some trim brought it back a bit. Mostly cut and paste, this layout captures the very first day that Ming & Mei saw Sarah. The beaming and proud older siblings, probably not realizing how their lives would change by this new addition. I remember how eager they were to touch her and pour out their love filled hearts… They’ve done great and 18 years on, Sarah loves really loves these guys. (sorry about the geeky photos , guys, but this is real life & you guys are awesome)

Big sigh of nostalgia.
Now on to another project. This one’s a peek at a class coming up next month, called ‘moments’ . Full details on the smidapaper blog tomorrow. I showed the sample to Christina and she said ‘SO vintage’. Hmmm. I guess that made me happy that I accomplished what I set out to do. Well , I really moustache (er, must dash) thanks Sarah… get it, oh well… =)
See you guys soon. I hope that if it’s a toss up between rest and scrapping  for you, scrappping will win.

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  1. jc.chris says:

    Sheila, I love this site! Totally diggin’ the modern vintage concept, a huge fan here! Inspired by all your creations. TFS. xx

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