37/52~ filling the space


I have been having trouble with the new version of i photo. It’s just called ‘photos’ and is difficult to use. Especially where I used to be able to just drag and drop my images into wordpress, now I have to place the image in a folder or on my desktop and select from... Read More

34/52~Diary of a renovation

We’re entering the 3rd week of this project. A much smaller project than the kitchen but good enough to give us a real taste of what that is going to be like. We’ve been doing well taking turns to leave the house on errands, work appointments, gym and look forward to Sunday when we can... Read More

33/52~the last three weeks

Weeks have passed and I haven’t written a jot. Not here, nor in my journal. The worst place to be busy is in your head! It’s been the sound of jackhammers in my home from 9am-6pm (yup, the renovation has indeed begun) and right now in my writing room, where I’d expected a little... Read More


I went around the house taking some shots of life as it is. If I were to only post photos, there are quite a few things you’d be able to guess about the people who live here. Interesting that stuff can tell stories about people. Perhaps long after we’re gone, which is probably how we know... Read More

25/52- changing it up

Some Sundays are for lazing, some for catching up with housework. Some days you drag yourself around and some days you’re super inspired. Around here we used to have a thing called ‘off days’. When the kids were growing up we would have family meetings, time maps and off days. An... Read More

12/52- creating order in my scrap space


I’ve been thinking of ways to create systems that work around the house and I’m going to write a post on that soon. Since my creative space, or scrap room as I call it, is in need of immediate attention it is probably the best place to start. In any plan to organize , there... Read More

11/52- vintage fair treasures

It’s been a little frustrating around here. After meeting with the architect, I thought that things would proceed quickly. I even had hopes of seeing my new kitchen emerging before the Christmas holidays. Three weeks later they have not been able to locate the plans nor have they made an appointment... Read More

9/52 ~ working the kitchen

While planning for our kitchen re do, there was a lot of thinking to do. A lot of questions that needed to be asked and answered. The existing kitchen is entirely too small and lacks storage. On two walls there are doors that lead to the wet kitchen and dining room respectively, another wall is fitted... Read More

8/52- space

Every time we go to the apartment , there is a feeling of space. Space around us. And space in my head. It feels like you can do more when you have less. All we have there is a couple of sets of clothes. Stuff to go to the gym. There is no food except cereal and milk, coffee and tea. Each time we... Read More

6/52 – inside our house

It seemed like a good idea at the time. An editor of an online magazine found my blog. “Would you like  your home to be featured?”

... Read More

4/52- details, details

Interior decorator.

Interior stylist.

A perfect occupation for one with OCD tendencies. Someone who leans toward micro management. Maybe someone who sometimes needs to straighten the rug, align it with the sofa. Oh, but now it isn’t at a right angle with the other chair. Now where’s... Read More

3/52- sunday at home

Loving the way the light comes in from the too many windows. Less walls and more windows makes it hard to hang art and place bookshelves but there is a plus side, lots of yummy light drifting in from the courtyards. Love that!

Couldn’t resist the photo op.

... Read More

2/52 – let’s move it in, people!

Amidst the Raya traffic, visiting with 19 relatives (really fun), packing and unpacking, reshuffling and other assorted tasks and chores, we managed to ‘move in’. It was with mixed feelings that I laid the carpet down in the empty living room. (Do I see people who are not moved by decorating... Read More