Project Life

12/52- creating order in my scrap space


I’ve been thinking of ways to create systems that work around the house and I’m going to write a post on that soon. Since my creative space, or scrap room as I call it, is in need of immediate attention it is probably the best place to start. In any plan to organize , there... Read More

Settling in

Hello October! At the beginning of the year, we set some goals. Some seemed insurmountable, like moving everything out to do some home repairs. and assorted other big and small goals and tasks and to dos. There’s always a debate between us, about whether time goes quickly or slowly. What do... Read More

Project Life in an empty nest

Most of my friends in Penang have small children. When I used to live in KL the people I hung around with, mostly, had kids about the same age as mine. Hmm, I should get some older friends. So anyway, when I get together with the ladies and they start talking about elementary school issues and so... Read More