37/52~ filling the space


I have been having trouble with the new version of i photo. It’s just called ‘photos’ and is difficult to use. Especially where I used to be able to just drag and drop my images into wordpress, now I have to place the image in a folder or on my desktop and select from... Read More

28/52- it goes quickly

I-Mei asked if I had any thoughts today. I guessed she meant any thoughts about my mum. It’s been a year since she left us. My first response was, “People die and life goes on.”

She said, “That’s the hard truth.”

A year. Wow! It goes quickly.

... Read More

15/52- Week in the life

I must have started on this project in previous years and probably abandoned the idea along the way. This year something about documenting a week of my life in detail took hold of me. I think Ali has been inviting people to join her on this journey for about seven or eight years now, and week in the... Read More

12/52- creating order in my scrap space


I’ve been thinking of ways to create systems that work around the house and I’m going to write a post on that soon. Since my creative space, or scrap room as I call it, is in need of immediate attention it is probably the best place to start. In any plan to organize , there... Read More

random things

I noticed that I didn’t post here in April. It just whooshed by, man. In the blur, I remember  some random things.

I noticed myself noticing that all the clothes hanging in my closet were black.

I noticed that it didn’t rain that much but there were a few house shaking thunder... Read More

What do you love most?

Do you feel, sometimes that there is an overload when it comes to choices. Modern day people have interest in so many different things and even though I don’t fit the ‘hipster’ label (as my son told me) I am inspired and interested in so many different things from vintage to photography,... Read More

life after smidapaper

Having the shop was a joy! Into it I poured my creative soul, learning and growing and stretching. And looking back I am amazed at how people came to wherever we were, through the blog and word of mouth and how it all started with three cartons of scrapbooking supplies. I have seen so many people... Read More

summer manifesto

I first came across the idea of a summer manifesto on Ali Edwards blog last year, and I vaguely remember seeing an image of a huge blackboard with someone’s summer manifesto written on it, but I can’t remember where. Haha. So what is a manifesto? Well, it’s kind of a declaration,... Read More

Project Life in an empty nest

Most of my friends in Penang have small children. When I used to live in KL the people I hung around with, mostly, had kids about the same age as mine. Hmm, I should get some older friends. So anyway, when I get together with the ladies and they start talking about elementary school issues and so... Read More

catching up

I didn’t get down to making the list, maybe today. I did manage to catch up a bit with project life, though and am super motivated to continue with the momentum and get up to date by this weekend! For week 15 I wanted to try working with yellow, welcoming summer, or at least celebrating... Read More

the list

We’re careening into the middle of the year at incredible speed! Funny isn’t it? I have a friend who remarks about time moving quickly almost every time she comes by, but when you stop to think about it, time is moving at the same speed. It just moves on at the same pace whether we’re... Read More