the writing life


I went around the house taking some shots of life as it is. If I were to only post photos, there are quite a few things you’d be able to guess about the people who live here. Interesting that stuff can tell stories about people. Perhaps long after we’re gone, which is probably how we know... Read More

27/52- coffee and light

Because I am inspired by words, I am often moved to write something while I am reading. The thing is, it is rare that I’d be reading while I’m sitting at my desk. Or in a place where it would be convenient for me to stop reading and write anything down. Today I was reading the winter issue... Read More

19/52-This is what 52 looks like

As I write this I am a little disappointed that I haven’t been able to keep up with my posts. It didn’t seem ambitious when I started. At the time I figured anyone can write one little post a week, right? Just 52 posts in 365 days? Three things prevented me; discipline (the lack of),... Read More

16/52- 100 blog posts

Before I started this blog I wrote on blogspot and on the smidapaper blog, I moved over here, to wordpress, somewhere in the middle of 2011. I suppose I’ve been blogging for about ten years and I’m no clearer on why I continue to write & post, except maybe the fact that I like telling... Read More