November 21, 2011

Dear smidapaper friends,

As it comes closer to our last day at Straits Quay, which is on Nov 24th. I thought I might take a little time to update you on what will be happening. First though, I really must thank you all for making it a great year for us. I remember it being a time full of anticipation and hope, this time last year, flash forward a year and we are getting ready to pack up the store. A lot of you have asked ‘why?’ and all I can say is that we made the difficult decision based on a lot of reasons and while I prefer not to dwell on the negatives, there are some positives that came out of it and getting to know and serve all of you, has been a huge happy one. I hope that stumbling upon smidapaper has brought joy and added value to your journey.

By now you must be saying, ok, ok, get on with it, what happens to us? Well, not all the plans have been established at this point. In simple terms, I don’t know for sure if we will come back as a full fledged scrapbook store but I would like to introduce you to a new idea. ” Random SHOPPING DAYS! ”  What that means is that we will open for a few days month , At A DIFFERENT LOCATION so that you can still get your supplies and carry on crafting , keeping your memories and making meaningful cards & gifts. These SHOPPING DAYS will not be fixed days but will be decided monthly and then Posted On Our Blog or sent to your e mail  via SMIDA stories.

A week after we close, we will announce our SHOPPING DAYS for December, so check for another update on December 1st. Ok, so that’s another smidapaper concept you will need to remember .” UPDATES ON THE BLOG!

So, two things to remember, ‘Shopping days ‘ and ‘updates on the blog’. In the meantime, there are still 4 more days to shop at our Straits Quay store and I know you will not want to miss the chance to gather some merry supplies for your holiday crafting . Thank you , thank you for all the kindness and encouragement. And for the inspiration. Don’t stop creating!

Till we meet again.


5 Responses to “Final Days Update”

  1. farah says:

    Hey Sheila, I’ve been regular with your shop back in Strait Quay. One thing I found about the shop is that it is wonderful, I can get most of the thing I needed for handmade works there but the only challenge is that it is too far away from my place.

    Dont you want to consider relocate the shop somewhere near USM? Since USM has art and architecture schools, your shop would be a place for students to purchase art and craft items which i think kind of convenient to. They can also attend your classes and tutorials. I really hope you can consider coz its not about the money definitely. It about sustaining what you have done which we dont usually find that often in Penang. There are many crafters out there beginners and professionals that are looking for your shop..craft and supplies shop…so I hope it will not end there. Looking forward to good news in future. =)

  2. venusstan says:

    hello, I really interesting in handmade works and I found that your shop are awesome, I just went to your shop yesterday,but it closed, may I know when will your shop open again?I feel like to purchase some stuff to made some christmas cards, is it possible reopen before 5th december??

  3. Rina Hamid says:

    Hye! last time i went to your shop and fell in love with everything. I have a DIY project going on for my wedding and want to purchase from your shop. But yesterday i went there and it’s already closed 🙁

    Hope u can re open the shop soon.

  4. Lizchew says:

    Hello, I used to purchase my cardmaking material at your shop while you’re still in strait quay. But now, I cant get some new material due to your shop it closed. Will the new shop coming soon or the shopping day launch??
    I really miss the shopping @smidapaper. Hope to see you very very soon!!

  5. carol says:

    Hi, can i order via online? I would like to get your card material to make for xmas card..

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