July 31, 2011

Mei Mei was back recently and this weekend we got to hang out with Ming for a bit. It’s nice to see the siblings together and how they interact with each other at different phases of their lives. I still think that families were meant to stay close to each other. One big regret in my life is that I was always far from home, as an adult. I envy people who can just ‘pop in to see mum’. That is a gift that shouldn’t be taken for granted. So , for us, getting together with one or the other of our grown kids , is always special and sadly, even as hellos are a prelude to these cherished times, all too soon it’s time to say goodbye.

With all the going here & there and not feeling too well, it has not been very productive on the crafting front. I did have a couple of ‘moments’ and completed one more page of my vintage-y minibook. Yay! I’m rediscovering rub ons, as you can see here, I transfered these words onto a piece of hambly. Adding little pieces of old lace to this cute birdhouse resulted in just the look I was hoping for.


I worked on this card for someone who is taking a different turn in the road of life. I added a few elements to mark the different things that were coming up for her but I couldn’t quite finish it … I’m at a loss as to what sentiment I should add. Maybe it’ll come to me soon. Any ideas?
There are going to be some changes and adjustments for me too. So as not to be overwhelmed, a little change of perspective is in order. And if that fails, there’s the old ‘one day at a time’ mantra to fall back on. I’m thinking of all the great women I know , hopefully their courage and strength will inspire me. Then there’s that quote that keeps popping up, ‘Keep calm and carry on”. If nothing else, that will at least make me smile. Ok, Mr August, I’m ready for you… after a good night’s sleep.



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