6/52 – inside our house

It seemed like a good idea at the time. An editor of an online magazine found my blog. “Would you like  your home to be featured?”

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5/52-still loving Project Life

Part of this 52 week project is to... Read More


5/52 – random monday thoughts

Monday morning blues.

Sometimes fantastic things that happen to you that require more effort and energy than you can muster. There is the valley and the mountain and maybe a rainbow beyond. In the valley it is sometimes dark and muddy, sometimes your shoes get stuck and you have to yank  a... Read More


4/52- details, details

Interior decorator.

Interior stylist.

A perfect occupation for one with OCD tendencies. Someone who leans toward micro management. Maybe someone who sometimes needs to straighten the rug, align it with the sofa. Oh, but now it isn’t at a right angle with the other chair. Now where’s... Read More


3/52- sunday at home

Loving the way the light comes in from the too many windows. Less walls and more windows makes it hard to hang art and place bookshelves but there is a plus side, lots of yummy light drifting in from the courtyards. Love that!

Couldn’t resist the photo op.

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3/52 – bringing in the blue

I wonder how many people have sleepless... Read More


2/52 – let’s move it in, people!

Amidst the Raya traffic, visiting with 19 relatives (really fun), packing and unpacking, reshuffling and other assorted tasks and chores, we managed to ‘move in’. It was with mixed feelings that I laid the carpet down in the empty living room. (Do I see people who are not moved by decorating... Read More



Two Thursdays ago I walked into my dream apartment. It was empty yet filled with possibility. An open space. Empty canvas. Almost like the new day we are given each morning when we wake up. When I first got sick, I thought I was going to die. I would look at the future and see nothing. My kids would... Read More




Homebound these past two weeks fighting a mean virus and still feeling under the weather. I miss working out and I miss going to the shop. I don’t miss being in hospital waiting rooms at all but it seems there are two more scheduled visits this week.

Being home has it’s... Read More


random things

I noticed that I didn’t post here in April. It just whooshed by, man. In the blur, I remember  some random things.

I noticed myself noticing that all the clothes hanging in my closet were black.

I noticed that it didn’t rain that much but there were a few house shaking thunder... Read More


saying goodbye



Even as I sit here I’m thinking that I should have started writing about something else. How will I say all that I want to without saying, how to express without revealing? When  I lost my dad it was sudden and it was hard and deeply sad and yet the sorrow that I... Read More


Where did January go?

This year I welcomed the new year wholeheartedly! I picked my word which is cultivate, made lists of intentions, signed up for Ali Edwards ‘one little word’ course and Leo Babauta’s Sea Change program both aimed at optimal living, changing or improving aspects of life that... Read More


What do you love most?

Do you feel, sometimes that there is an overload when it comes to choices. Modern day people have interest in so many different things and even though I don’t fit the ‘hipster’ label (as my son told me) I am inspired and interested in so many different things from vintage to photography,... Read More


Settling in

Hello October! At the beginning of the year, we set some goals. Some seemed insurmountable, like moving everything out to do some home repairs. and assorted other big and small goals and tasks and to dos. There’s always a debate between us, about whether time goes quickly or slowly. What do... Read More



Wow! It’s been three months since I’ve been here!! Have you moved house recently? Was it stressful? If you’re anything like me, that would definitely be the case. Especially since we’ve had three major moves in the last three months. First the shop to the studio. Then Philip’s... Read More


life after smidapaper

Having the shop was a joy! Into it I poured my creative soul, learning and growing and stretching. And looking back I am amazed at how people came to wherever we were, through the blog and word of mouth and how it all started with three cartons of scrapbooking supplies. I have seen so many people... Read More