the adelaide story | Part 2- town and country

We set up home in the heart of town, about a minute’s walk from the main shopping street, Rundle Mall and maybe five or six minutes from Sarah’s campus. It wasn’t the Mandarin Oriental but our one room apartment was cosy and well appointed. We got off to a good start when... Read More


catching up

I didn’t get down to making the list, maybe today. I did manage to catch up a bit with project life, though and am super motivated to continue with the momentum and get up to date by this weekend! For week 15 I wanted to try working with yellow, welcoming summer, or at least celebrating... Read More


the list

We’re careening into the middle of the year at incredible speed! Funny isn’t it? I have a friend who remarks about time moving quickly almost every time she comes by, but when you stop to think about it, time is moving at the same speed. It just moves on at the same pace whether we’re... Read More


here & now

There seems to be a cloud hanging over almost everyone I know. A frustration, disappointment and restlessness as to what is to come. What can we do except trust that this too shall pass away and that there is a brighter day ahead. In the meantime, we carry on, even though the plans we had are somewhat... Read More

so loving how things are coming along at the studio


The first of the furniture was moved into the studio on Saturday, Read More


new things

Things are coming together at the new studio and I’ve had so much fun choosing and coordinating everything. Even though it doesn’t look like it, I’ve been told that the contractors are handing over the lot to me at the end of this week, after which it will take me a little while... Read More


make something today!

This used to be by mantra and somehow it slipped away. People get into something then things shift and something new becomes the focus. Since I’ve been back from sending Sarah off, one of my major goals is to reassess and reorganize all the space that is around me. I now have no chance to procrastinate... Read More


pretty in pink

Since I started scrapping upstairs, I can’t seem to stop! As promised here’s a ‘real’ layout. I used Bazzill’s swiss dotted cardstock and layered with lots of yummy Crate paper goodies.

... Read More


scrapping again

Finally, finally getting back in the groove. The air con in my scrap room died a couple of weeks ago preventing me from catching up on my projects. It really is like a sauna in there! So a couple of days ago I threw some stuff into a box, carted a table from Sarah’s room and set up a scrapping... Read More


The Adelaide story | Part 1 : the ocean

I know I haven’t gotten around to doing the London story but this is still fresh in my head, so I’ll share these first.

A city affects people in different ways. Over dinner last Saturday, a friend was telling us how he didn’t enjoy Paris but really liked Madrid. I didn’t want to get... Read More


more uses for washi tape

Washi tape is gaining universal appeal not just because it’s pretty! Here’s an idea, courtesy of Sarah.Use two bits of washi tape (this pale pink one’s from mt) to tack up a piece of twine. Hang earrings. voila! Practical wall decor. note: I’ve been told that too many earrings... Read More

favourite thiings holly becker decorate workshop colclough 1950's vintage china star icing cookies crocheted doily coasters being open to learning


My word for 2013 is ‘open’ and one of the ways I’m using the word in my life is by being open to learning new things. I had the opportunity to have a couple of one on one photoshop lessons (thanks ming!) and I’m beaming with joy at the results.

... Read More


2013 | a late start

I began the New Year yesterday. Planning, reflecting, setting goals. I have a yearly ritual, tearing off the first page of my desk calendar on the very first day of the year, you know the old fashioned kind, except mine isn’t old fashioned. After I did that it felt like the year had begun.

Philip... Read More


december daily & project life {hand in hand}

This December I’m finding that it’s easier to do Project Life in tandem with December Daily. Every evening I print out one main photo which is the story of the day in my 4×6 December album. At the same time I’m doing that, I print 2 or 3 other photos for the week’s spread... Read More


I love Murobond paints

I love the supersized colour chart!

I’ve been a fan of Murobond for some time now and have had the pleasure of working with their paints, which are indeed superior, on a number of projects including our previous smidapaper store at Straits Quay. Last month I went to their new showroom... Read More


the story of the guest room

just a peek at some elements without showing too much =) the guest room started off as being my scrap space. then we had a big disaster of a leak and had it fixed. later it became sarah’s room while she was in high school. now it is my ‘free space’ and i decided it would be the guest... Read More