21/52- The story of a wedding

We walked into the ballroom, which was where ‘church’ service would take place that morning, and the minute Ming saw us his eyes filled with tears. Which made for a very sad looking groom in the before the wedding pictures. I’m guessing he was overwhelmed with joy and the enormity... Read More

20/52~ Goodbye & Hello

Two more hours of 2014. Like the night before an exam, if you haven’t done all the cramming you could manage, it’s too late now. Time now to reflect on what may possibly have been one of the hardest years. My mama’s passing opened up a whole basement of skeletons and ghosts that... Read More

19/52-This is what 52 looks like

As I write this I am a little disappointed that I haven’t been able to keep up with my posts. It didn’t seem ambitious when I started. At the time I figured anyone can write one little post a week, right? Just 52 posts in 365 days? Three things prevented me; discipline (the lack of),... Read More

18/52- It takes a village

Ming asked me to speak at his wedding. At first I said no. Then I said ok. As it turns out I will not be needing to speak up on stage, but as I was dithering, this thought came upon me. It takes a village to raise a child. From the very first day an ever changing landscape of people, doctors... Read More

17/52- the apartment life for me

If you’ve ever tried living in two homes you would have realised that it is quite a feat requiring expert planning skills and ends up still being quite disruptive to every day life. Especially when you have to go back to the original home daily to feed the dogs and water the garden. Letting... Read More

16/52- 100 blog posts

Before I started this blog I wrote on blogspot and on the smidapaper blog, I moved over here, to wordpress, somewhere in the middle of 2011. I suppose I’ve been blogging for about ten years and I’m no clearer on why I continue to write & post, except maybe the fact that I like telling... Read More

15/52- Week in the life

I must have started on this project in previous years and probably abandoned the idea along the way. This year something about documenting a week of my life in detail took hold of me. I think Ali has been inviting people to join her on this journey for about seven or eight years now, and week in the... Read More

14/52-November regroup

Regrouping this week as November comes into full swing, realising that as the year comes to a close there are a whole bunch of intentions set in January that are going to be left behind without a hope of getting finished. There is a little pressure here to get on with it on some accounts and to let... Read More

13/52- paying attention to details

One of my intentions for this 52 week project was to pay attention to details. All projects start with the best of intentions. The excitement of something new. The promise of change and maybe a life changing outcome. Or at least a positive one. Probably the main reason New Year’s resolutions... Read More

12/52- creating order in my scrap space


I’ve been thinking of ways to create systems that work around the house and I’m going to write a post on that soon. Since my creative space, or scrap room as I call it, is in need of immediate attention it is probably the best place to start. In any plan to organize , there... Read More

11/52- vintage fair treasures

It’s been a little frustrating around here. After meeting with the architect, I thought that things would proceed quickly. I even had hopes of seeing my new kitchen emerging before the Christmas holidays. Three weeks later they have not been able to locate the plans nor have they made an appointment... Read More

10/52 – stronger

Ten weeks into this 52 week project! So far it’s been a journey of re-discovery. Going back to the things that were a big part of my life thirty years ago. Like exercise. Hands up if you’ve written “Lose weight” as one of your intentions or goals on January 1st. For me it’s... Read More

9/52 ~ working the kitchen

While planning for our kitchen re do, there was a lot of thinking to do. A lot of questions that needed to be asked and answered. The existing kitchen is entirely too small and lacks storage. On two walls there are doors that lead to the wet kitchen and dining room respectively, another wall is fitted... Read More

8/52- space

Every time we go to the apartment , there is a feeling of space. Space around us. And space in my head. It feels like you can do more when you have less. All we have there is a couple of sets of clothes. Stuff to go to the gym. There is no food except cereal and milk, coffee and tea. Each time we... Read More

8/52- Unfinished Projects

This was going to be a post about  function in the home. I was procrastinating the start. The getting down to writing. In the most common way. Smartphone. While procrastinating with my smartphone I came across a post by Jeff Goins. About how our life’s work is always unfinished. This struck... Read More

7/52- Simplifying

I’ve been struggling this week with what to write in this post. While week 6 was a rush of excitement and activity, week 7 was wrought with less than positive thoughts. I asked myself why I was doing this. Why the self imposed challenge to write these posts regularly, to document everything... Read More