October 1, 2011

When i first started this blog it was meant to highlight creative things. Somehow though, scrapbooking is so much wrapped around an expression of self and a record of the daily , the story of our grand and ordinary lives. How do you share the creative alone when the very essence of this art is to tell a story. As in all stories, this one has a plot. In fact, as it unfolded, it became more of a play. So of course there were actors, lead & supporting. Director and stage hands.A hero . Maybe more than one. Bad guys, definitely more than one. If only to make the story more colorful . From humble beginnings the story evolved and in the last act, everyone was transported to a grand set.

And with all stories or plays, there is an end. This story has played a long run.

I made this layout mostly with My Mind’s Eye paper from their Lost & Found 2 collection. I added bold embellishments from Crate paper’s Random collection and swirly bling from Prima somehow found its way to lend some glamour to the page. As if to celebrate the role of the subject and how precious a part of my life it has been. And it has.

We will begin to phase out the smidapaper story. If you have always wanted or thought about running a creative business, maybe you would like to talk to me or drop me a line. In the meantime, we will continue to serve with as much gusto as ever, right up until the time the curtain falls.

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